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The Calgary Stampede made a strong comeback in 2022 with high attendance numbers. Nicole Di Donato explains what organizers had to say about the success and how the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth wrapped up.

A Saskatoon mother is pushing for the Saskatchewan government to approve a treatment that would prevent her six-year-old son from going blind. As Nicole Di Donato tells us, the boy has a disease that causes progressive vision loss, so time is of the essence.

CTV Saskatoon's Nicole Di Donato speaks to local drummer and record producer Hal Schrenk about his thoughts on late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, the legacy he leaves behind and what his death means for the future of the band.

A University of Saskatchewan study is shedding light on how therapy dogs can help emergency room patients. As Nicole Di Donato reports, researchers hope this will provide more opportunities for therapy dogs to help in healthcare.

A resident north of Prince Albert captured a fireball meteor on her security camera. As Nicole Di Donato tells us, it wasn't just people in Saskatchewan who reported the sighting.

A Saskatoon man is warning others to be cautious when depositing money into an ATM. It comes after he deposited a cheque that was misread by the machine, leaving him short by over $20,000. CTV's Nicole Di Donato explains.

A ballistics report was at the centre of testimony in the trial of a man accused of killing his estranged wife. Nicole Di Donato has the latest from Greg Fertuck's first-degree murder trial.

A Saskatoon woman is calling for owners to keep their dogs under control while in off-leash parks after her dog was viciously attacked and killed. Nicole Di Donato reports. 

The Saskatoon Fire Department shut down a problem-plagued condo building in the city’s Pleasant Hill neighbourhood. It comes after a water leak was discovered in the building, adding to a long list of issues. Nicole Di Donato explains what this means for residents.

A Saskatoon musician is hoping to strike a chord with people during the pandemic. As Nicole Di Donato tells us, the porch poet of sorts has some musical offerings for his wife and anyone who passes by in hopes of spreading love through music.

The biggest message we've been hearing from health officials in our fight against COVID-19 is to wash our hands and avoid touching our faces. Some are choosing to wear gloves but even then, people need to cautious. We sent our Nicole Di Donato to find out just how quickly germs can spread.

The hotel industry has taken a huge hit as a result of more people staying home and travel restrictions in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. But some local hotels are finding ways to support the community and offer people in need a place to stay. Nicole Di Donato reports live.

As restaurants move to abide by the new restrictions put into place over the pandemic, some are finding creative ways to stay open. CTV's Nicole Di Donato has more on what one local cafe is serving up.

The cancellation of the Junos is forcing many local businesses to change their plans. Everything from caterers and florists to beauty services were all set for the big event. While it's unknown exactly how much the cancellation will cost the local economy, business owners and Tourism Saskatoon would like the community to come together. Nicole Di Donato reports live.

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